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Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals
Excerpts from Swift and Brave
“At Fowler’s Bay in southern Australia is a natural rock formation shaped like a whale, complete with a blowhole near the head where plumes of sea spray rise into the air. Through stories of the Dreamtime, passed down through the millennia, the Mirning recount perhaps the earliest known story of human interaction with whales, coming down from a culture that has remained intact for nearly 100,000 years. 

“The Mirning have preserved a story of a shimmering white whale, Jiderra the Ancient One, a star being from Sirius who descended to Earth in the dim mists of prehistory. In the lonely, cliff-strewn region of Nullarbor, mysterious carvings in the stone are said to be the site where Jiderra’s star ships landed…”
"Watching the snow settle into the bark of a tree, I considered that trees indeed were the knowers of secrets. A tree may bear centuries of silent witness to a million comings and goings – silent only because we do not hear her words. 

"Plants spend a great deal of their energy on the maintenance and wellbeing of their cellular structures, and I always get impressions of sap and watery cells and the processes of photosynthesis. Within all this, there are spirits who speak as well. 

"As I looked at the tree, receiving the snowfall against a sky like a moonstone, I marveled at all that this one knew and how few would ever share it. For us, it is like looking at a man from another country that speaks a foreign language and yet is a repository of immense wisdom and unique knowledge. We watch and observe, and yet we will not set ourselves the task of learning his language and discovering his secrets."

"The energetic composition of our souls naturally vibrates at a frequency consistent with the Spiritual Realm and possibly even transcendent voyages into the Divine Sphere. In order to become compatible with incarnation in a living, third-dimensional body, the soul’s vibrational rate has to be deliberately decreased. This is a way of stepping down the energy so that it can remain anchored in the body. This comparative sluggishness or dreamlike state of the soul explains why we have to relearn to use higher abilities and why this can be challenging." 

“A human can live with a mission and purpose of educating the young and the mature alike as to the sacred nature of all life. One must live with respect, giving thanks and paying homage to the things of the world which were made for their own reasons. Listen to hear and impart the knowledge of the whales, dolphins, seals, and wise spirits of the seas who desire to reconnect with humankind.”
"Animals who have departed the physical body often contact their humans from the Other Side through telepathy or various degrees of etheric manifestation in the Physical Realm. It is almost universal for newly bereaved humans to see, hear, and feel their animals’ presence or have vivid dreams in which their animals are letting them know they are okay in the Spiritual Realm."