Mystical Books by Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D.
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Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Excerpts from Singing Woman
"Divine assignments change over time. What furthers your highest good in your twenties may be totally different from the tasks of sacred fulfillment you embody in your forties or fifties. What’s important about the Age of Aquarius is that we are building a world where both women and men have options to explore, express, and accept themselves and each other without sexual identity implying limits or devaluation." 

“Women, we are all wise, a womanly wise. We hold the ring of keys that fit the doors of the future. It is time to turn them in the locks and open the doors gently, giving ourselves time to assimilate the new and powerful energies behind them. If we must open a door a crack at a time, then so be it."​

"The heart holds the emotional power of knowledge. Our highest knowledge is that we have come forth from the divine, pure and unblemished, containing a sacred and bottomless well of love and capacity for joy."

“Women were divinely created to produce a yield, and something inside of us dries up and dies if we don’t do that. The task we are unfolding now is no less than the seeding of human consciousness. To nurture those seeds, we must nourish ourselves."​

"As women, we are all three faces of the Goddess. The seeds of Maiden, Mother, and Crone are all planted in us at the same moment. As we move through our lives, we energize, germinate, and grow these flowers. One blossoms out of another in an ongoing evolution."
“Some places in the Universe, such as the seas on the Earth or the planets themselves, have indwelling wisdom. This is not the same as soul and is not the same as spirit. These are intelligent collections of godly sparks which are wisdom keepers and assist in the stability of the Universe.”